Pipe Organ of Pitsunda 

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Marina Shamba is the Artistic Director of the organ hall in Pitsunda,the First Abkhazian organist, soloist of the Abkhaz State Philharmonic society, people's artist of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Born in the city of Gagra. Primary and secondary education was received in the city of Gagra. In 1967 he graduated from music school. Along with learning in a secondary school were trained in Sukhum music school, which he successfully graduated in 1970 and Then studied at the Tbilisi state Conservatory. V. Sarajishvili (1971 -1976.), from which he graduated in the specialty "piano", qualified accompanist, teacher and concert performer.

Since 1976, she worked in Sukhumi music school fs an accompanist and a teacher of piano class. In 1983, she trained in the class of organ, and then, in 1985, she entered as a graduated student of the Moscow state Conservatory P.I.Tchaikovsky which he completed in 1987 under the leadership of L. I. Roizman, honored art worker of the RSFSR, Professor. After graduate school he returned to Abkhazia, where he began working in the state Philharmonic and the Academy of music teacher on piano. In 1990, under the guidance of the Director of the school S. P. Ketsba organized at school Children's choir school, the Director of which was before the beginning of the 1992-1993 war in Moscow while studying in graduate school on their first solo concerts in Moscow Shamba first performed Abkhaz folk songs, arranged for organ. Since 1990 she has performed recitals in Pitsunda temple.

Over the years of concert activity were performed various recitals from the works of organ music of the German, Italian, French, English composers. At concerts Shamba also sounded Russian, Abkhaz and Soviet music. Shamba has performed with many of the Abkhazian state Philharmonic orchestra under the direction of A. D. Khagba, as well as with the Abkhaz state choral chapel under the direction of conductors N. In.Chanba and N. Adzhindzhal. Together with the staff of the chapel in February 1992, went on tour to Germany, where he gave recitals German cities.

During the war Shamba went on tour to Turkey as a pianist, accompanied the young singer Khibla Gerzmava and people's artist of Abkhazia singer Boris Amitcba. All proceeds from the concert, which took place in Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul, were transferred to the Fund of assistance to Abkhazia. After a break connected with the Georgian-Abkhazian war of 1992-1993, after spending a large series of solo concerts, in 1994, the organist resumed his concert career. At the same time, M. Shamba worked as a teacher in Gagra branch College of music, where he trained many students, some of whom he continued his studies in the Russian conservatories and participated in various festivals of classic music.

From 1997 to 2008 M. Shamba was Director of the Concert hall Pitsunda caphedral in which organized concerts of classical and sacred music, many of which have become a prominent feature of the cultural life of Abkhazia. This solo and joint concerts soloist of the Moscow musical theatre.The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Hibla Gerzmava with the soloist of the Moscow theatre Helikon-Opera Alisa Gitsba. This includes addresses Abkhazian choir, as well as concerts with the participation of Abkhazian artists Philharmonic - R. Khagba (tenor), A. Otyrba (piano), N. Bzhania (piano), V. Chakmach-Ipa (tenor), G. Tadevosyan (violoncel), G.-Avidzba (piano), chamber choir "Ave Maria", concerts with the Symphony orchestra under the baton of conductor Alexander Khagba, etc .

Since 2008 M. Shamba is the artistic Director of the Concert hall Pitsunda temple.

In 2009 Shamba has performed a solo concert at the international music festival, dedicated to the 70th anniversary since the birth of the outstanding organist Oleg Yanchenko (1939 - 2002).

In 2010, in the framework of the joint project of the ministries of culture of Russia and Abkhazia Shamba made the Sochi organ hall, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and in 2011 in Kaliningrad together with the chamber choir "Ave Maria".

All the post-war years Shamba has made every effort to ensure that in difficult conditions to keep the body in working condition. Over the years, however the problem is urgent overhaul of the organ was becoming more acute. As a result of repeated appeals Shamba 2011 with the help of the government was organized a lot of work on the full restoration of the organ by the staff of the company "Schuke" with the participation of specialists from the Moscow Conservatory N. Malinoy. In September 2011 have already updated the organ sounded again in Pitsunda temple.

Government awards:

In 2004 he was awarded the order "Honor and glory" of the third degree.
In 2007 was awarded the title "people's artist of the Republic of Abkhazia".

Luka Gadeliya is the prominent cultural figure of the Republic of Abkhazia. He is a young and talented musician, Lauriat of a number of international contests. He works as an organ player at the legendary Pitsunda Cathedral erected in the 10th century in honor of the St. Andrew the Apostle.

Luka was born in 1985 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia) but he spent his childhood and early days in the Republic of Abkhazia where he turned out in the epicenter of military hostilities at the age of 6. He was living at that time in the city of Tkuarchal situated on the border line between Georgia and Abkhazia. The city was occupied by the warring Georgian troops during the ethnic conflict following the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was raised by his grandmother without his parents.

He got his academic degree in music with the The Gnesins Russian Academy of Music as an organ player. He attended master classes of the leading organists such as: Olivier Latry (France), Guy Bovet, Ludger Lohmann (Germany), Christopher Stembridge (United Kingdom), Wolfgang Zerer, Juergen Essl, Hans-Ola Ericsson (Sweden), Narine Simonyan, Cameron Carpenter, Ben van Oosten, etc. In 2008 he did his internship at the summer academy of organ performance in Harlem (the Netherlands).

Since 2006 he is a soloist organ player at the Pitsunda Cathedral auditorium.

Since 2011 – post graduate student with the renowned Moscow State Conservatory named for P. I. Tchaikovsky.

He is performing around Russia (Moscow, Volgograd, Kirov, Sochi, St. Petersburg, etc.), Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov), Latvia, and Kazakhstan. Since 2010 he has been a participant of the joint project conducted by the Russian Agency of Culture and Abkhazia under the title» Cultural Season» Russia- Abkhazia).